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The Rock is a youth ministry for students that brings them together for, fun, connection, and truth.  It is a mid-week blast of good times, fun games, and great talks about what the Bible says.  We talk about the best news in the world, which is how to have eternal life.  At The Rock, you can make friends, laugh like crazy, and have a bunch of fun!  The student years don’t last forever. At The Rock, we’re serious about enjoying our youth, while preparing for a great future that God has waiting.

King’s Kid’s is a highly rewarding children’s ministry at Northside Church. This ministry is anchored in fun, creative and sound teaching in the Word of God, the bible. Children are our future carriers of the torch of truth for Christ and an indispensable  investment. Our foundation is Jesus Christ and His death, burial and resurrection as our only and sole security and assurance of eternal life.  
Kids are taught the value of salvation and the value of living a quality life because of their salvation. Christ is the focus and He alone is worthy of glory, honour, and praise and our all should be done to this end.
Scripture memory verses, homework assignments to seal in the week’s lesson, crafts that correlate to the lesson, games, sharing the gospel with friends learning life lessons from bible character stories, learning biblical life principles such as faithfulness, patience and charity, how to obtain victory and lessen defeat in the Christian life, living in preparation for eternity and learning the value of Missions are just some of the exciting truths, adventures, and activities integrated into the ministry of King’s Kid’s.
A wonderful and committed teaching staff is engaged in intentional teaching using various teaching methods that include object lessons, chalkboard talks, topical teaching, verse by verse teaching all of which include creative interaction from the kids involving hearing, visualization, question\answer, and hands-on application of the lesson all work to make the ministry a fun, interactive, and an environment of continuous learning and spiritual growth.
The goal of King’s Kid’s is to produce a generation of kids hungry to be hearers and doers of the word of God.

The Barnabas House is a midweek ministry for college age students and up. It is held in a relaxed environment so that people can feel “at home”. In this fast paced world, we like to take the time to get  encouragement from God’s word, encourage one another, as well as share our prayer requests and praises.